Hello my kindest reader. Welcome to my blog about Postharvest Technology. The idea why I establish this blog are I love to learn about Postharvest Technology and I want to share the knowledge with you. And indeed, I can learn from you through your comment that you leave in this blog. I hope this blog will function as a medium for me and for you to share the knowledge about Postharvest Technology.

Before we share further information about Postharvest, let me introduce my self. My name is Adnan and I am a postharvest researcher who specializes in postharvest quality. I have been in the field of postharvest for nearly 9 years (since 2004), and have been loving every step of it. I like to share my thoughts in postharvest subject via this blog, check out some of the links to see what I have been up to lately. I work as researcher at Government Institution in Indonesia. My mother language is Bahasa Indonesia. Some part of yhis blog maybe will be written in Bahasa Indonesia, English or maybe in German language since I start to learn Deutsch sprache.

Postharvest Technology has a broad spectrum area of discusion. May be you will find subject start from plantation, harvest, postharvest until marketing that impact and influence to agricultural product quality. I will write posting about daily postharvest, after all this blog is not about scientific lecture, but a delightful journey. Journey for me to understand a better way about agricultural product quality. And perhaps could  contribute to increase agricultural product that consumer could accepted in sociological, technical and economic. So I hope you can enjoy and get something from this blog. Have a nice looking around.