Education Background

I have spent my basic education start from kindergarten until elementary school in Jakarta, the capitol city of Indonesia. So I grew up as a city boy. Almost every year, my parent took me to holiday to agricultural village in central java and along the road using train that the rail road built by Daendels Government (1808-1811), I always see paddy field and others crop. I love the view when I see farmer work in their field, the mountain, the cattle and everything that you can imagine about farming life. This childhood memories are the reasons why I choose to study about agricultural science.

I went to college in 1999-2004 in Agronomy Science, Bogor Agricultural University. I found out that agricultural is a complex system, and I eager to learn agricultural science as a comprehensive knowledge. I know I could not expert in everything, and I start to focus in agricultural product quality. I conducted experiment for my bachelor thesis, about how agricultural practice could effect to product quality. I took parameter about leaf quality such as shape and color. At that time, I used Munsell Color chart to distinguish the differences green and yellow color. It amaze me that there are many green or yellow color classification. And this amaze continue when I studied about image process for my postgraduate. Several of my research are in this area, using image process to determine postharvet product.

I continued my education in Postharvest Technology in Agricultural Technology, Bogor Agricultural University since 2004-2006. So my real carer as postharvest technologist start from here.  I worked in area minimally processed, modified atmosphere packaging and image process for postgraduate thesis. And I became more curious and intense with this area.

And right now, start from 2012 I continue my formal education for PhD degree at Abteilung Agrartechnik, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany. Göttingen are small city right in the middle of Germany and a nice place to study. Here I am planning to learn and conduct a research about how Near Infrared Technology as a tool to measure coffee bean quality.